Bikini Swimsuit

Sizzle on the sand like a beach goddess with a sexy bikini swimsuit this summer. The bikini makes men fall on their knees and worship the summer deity that is you as you parade along the beach or by the pool. If you want to flaunt those sexy curves of yours, then try on some tops and bottoms in different styles to suit your mood or body type.

beach bikini swimsuit bikini swimsuit


If you’d like to walk on the safe and conventional side of things, then set your sights on an adjustable triangle top that gives you the coverage that you want without sacrificing sexiness. A triangle-style upper garment is a hot piece of beachwear that lets you flaunt what you got. It also makes movement easier and more free.

triangle top

Halter styles, on the other hand, are just the perfect garments to give that eye-popping cleavage that guys will surely fall for while giving you support. With a strap that goes over the neck, it is easy to put on and pull off in a jiffy.

halter top

If you’re not keen on having those fat white bands of untanned skin crisscrossing an otherwise perfectly tanned body, then go for a bandeau bikini. These bands of fabric come strapless so that you’ll get that sun-kissed look without the tan lines. Strapless tubes are also the perfect pieces to showcase your busts and shoulders.


Keep the attentions (and intentions) of the crowd focused by donning the perfect accompaniment to your bikini top. Different types of sexy beach knickers can always keep the heat turned up this summer by letting you show off your behind.

Hipsters are ‘in’ these days, letting you show more of that surfboard flat tummy that you’ve worked hard for the past season. Showcase the product of your crunches and sit-ups by wearing low-rise panty pieces for the beach.

hipster bikini

Be cheeky and sexy by wearing boyshorts that give the feeling of full coverage, giving everybody else a peek at your bum. Boyshorts also divert the attention to the waist area so that even if you don’t have that much of an hourglass figure, you’d still look like you have one.


If you want to take this a step further and go for maximum exposure, then wear beach knickers that make use of strings. Tie-sides are sexy alternatives to the full coverage panty, allowing you to show off those killer hips and letting you tan better. If you can handle the heat, then go for thongs that don’t offer any sensible coverage at all. These bikini bottoms are not just for the bedroom or for under wraps, but are also preferred pieces for sun-tanning during summer.

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